Can Hamsters Eat Spinach?

a hamster and a leaf of spinach

Spinach, a leafy vegetable, is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It is indeed good for humans. But have you ever wondered whether it’s suitable for a hamster? The answer is Yes! Hamsters love spinach, and it’s often considered a tasty, healthy treat for them. However, be careful not to feed them too much, or …

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Can Hamsters Eat Raw, Boiled, Scrambled Or Fried Eggs?

A hamster, with images of boiled, scrambled, fried and raw eggs

Hamsters can eat boiled and scrambled eggs without any problems. However, avoid giving them raw or fried eggs. Raw eggs are messy and can cause skin, eye, fur health problems. Fried eggs are unhealthy for hamsters if cooked in oil. You should never give your hamster too much or leave any uneaten in their cage. …

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11 Small Snakes For Beginners (Easy Handling & Care)

a collage of tiny snakes being held in hands

Snakes are fantastic pets, and being a snake owner is an extraordinary task. A pet snake can be a great responsibility for any family because they’re so unique. Check out these smaller snakes, which will be perfect for beginners. They are easy to handle, and since they are so small, care is at its minimin. …

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Which Snake Is The Most Colourful In The World?

Brazilian Rainbow Boa - scales close up showing rainbow shimmer

Not only are snakes fascinating, but they also come in all sorts of beautiful colours and patterns. But which one is the most colourful? The most colourful snake is the Brazilian Rainbow Boa! They are rainbow-coloured and shiny. These snakes show iridescent colours that shimmer all over their body, depending on how you look at …

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Syrian Hamster Information

Syrian hamster

Also known as golden or teddy bear hamsters, Syrian hamsters are among the most popular pets worldwide. These tiny rodents are belonging to the subfamily of hamster Cricetidae. Even though these hamsters are popular pets in the Western world, their number declines significantly in the wild. The researchers think that deliberate elimination and the loss …

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Chinese Dwarf Hamster Information

Chinese Dwarf Hamster sitting on some moss in the wild

Also known as Chinese striped hamsters, the Chinese hamsters are among the smallest rodents popular as pets. These hamsters are native to the desert area of Mongolia and China. Even though these hamsters are not typically dwarf or hold any dwarfism genes, they were given this name solely due to their small size.  Even though all Hamsters …

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