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11 Small Snakes For Beginners (Easy Handling & Care)

a collage of tiny snakes being held in hands

Snakes are fantastic pets, and being a snake owner is an extraordinary task. A pet snake can be a great responsibility for any family because they’re so unique. Check out these smaller snakes, which will be perfect for beginners. They are easy to handle, and since they are so small, care is at its minimin. …

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Which Snake Is The Most Colourful In The World?

Brazilian Rainbow Boa - scales close up showing rainbow shimmer

Not only are snakes fascinating, but they also come in all sorts of beautiful colours and patterns. But which one is the most colourful? The most colourful snake is the Brazilian Rainbow Boa! They are rainbow-coloured and shiny. These snakes show iridescent colours that shimmer all over their body, depending on how you look at …

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Pacman Frog Information

Dark green and brown frog siting in water

Pacman frogs are one of the amphibians that are native to South America. The Pacman frog is also one of the most popular pet amphibians for its usual body shape. These frogs are strictly terrestrial. Unlike many frog species, the Pacman frogs are terrible swimmers. Instead, they prefer to spend most of the time hidden …

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Milk Snake Information

Milk snake on concrete

Striking patterns and bright colours are the two most essential features of milk snakes. These snakes are non-venomous snakes that can be found in a wide geographical range. You can find milk snakes throughout South and North America. Even though milk snakes are non-venomous, they often get confused with dangerous snakes, like Coral snakes or …

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Burmese Python Snake Information

Burmese python curled up on a log

Original Burmese pythons came from Southeast Asian nations. However, in Florida, Burmese pythons are considered invasive species due to their impact on native wildlife. Nowadays, you can find Burmese python in Florida as well. These snakes are magnificent creatures with unique black and brown markings on their bodies. Thanks to their docile nature, Burmese pythons …

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Ball Python Snake Information

Ball Python head and part of body

The characteristics and docile nature of the ball pythons have made him one of the world’s most popular pet snake options. Also known as Royal pythons, these snakes are one of the smallest species of African pythons. Ball python was given this name as these snakes often tend to curl up into a ball when …

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