Can Snakes Breathe Underwater?

A Water Snake swimming in a pond with leaves around it

Snakes are one of the earth many mysteries, and if you’re like me, you want to know everything you can about them, even down to how they breathe and if they can breathe underwater. Every living thing needs to breathe, and not all can breathe underwater. It would help if you had gills like a …

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Can Snakes Hear?

Corn snake on a white background

We all know that to be able to hear sounds, you need to have ears. Ears are what to detect, transmit and transduce sounds to persons or animals brain. So how is it possible for a snake to hear? There is no such thing as a snake with ears! Well, let me answer this mystery …

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Do Snakes Have Bones? (How Many)

full body or a Sinaloan milk snake on a white background

With their slithering flexible bodies, you would certainly assume they were just one long big muscle. Slipping and sliding about! indeed, how can there be no bones beneath the scales of a snake. Wrong, that isn’t the case. Let’s find out for sure if snakes have bones? And how many? Yes, snakes do have bones, …

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Can Snakes Climb Walls?

Two Western Natal Green Snakes climbing a brick wall

Even though it is hard to imagine from their slither that snakes can climb rocks and trees in the wild without any assistance of hands, feet, claws or pads. They can also burrow, crawl, swim, and sometimes even glide in the air. All these abilities have made the snakes the emperor of surviving in the …

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