Can Hamsters Live Together In The Same Cage? (Warning)

Hamster in cage, going through a tunnel onto sawdust

We all love a bit of social interaction, and it’s normal for us humans to crave it. However, not all rodents are the same. Perhaps you are interested in getting a second hamster? Let’s find out if hamsters can live a happy life with another hamster. Hamsters are best kept away from each other in …

Can Hamsters Live Together In The Same Cage? (Warning) Learn »

What Treats Can I Give My Hamster? (33 Safe & 13 Unsafe Food Items)

A Hamster and collage of safe human foods on a white background

We all want to spoil our pets whilst keeping them happy and healthy. The below list is of approved safe foods that your hamster can happily eat as extra alongside there well-balanced hamster mix. Safe List of 33 Hamster Treats Cottage Cheese Boiled Eggs Scrambled Eggs Cooked Poultry Beef (excluding fatty parts) Muesli Nuts (excluding …

What Treats Can I Give My Hamster? (33 Safe & 13 Unsafe Food Items) Learn »

Can Chinchillas Go Outside? (Weather Conditions Explained)

light coloured chinchilla, chinchilla eating, chinchilla on white background,

In the summertime, everyone likes to enjoy the sunshine; however, it’s not always necessarily true for our pets. We, humans, need vitamin D, which we mainly get from the sun razes, and as long as we cover up with suncream to protect our skin. We can safely enjoy some much needed warm weather. If your …

Can Chinchillas Go Outside? (Weather Conditions Explained) Learn »

Can Hamsters Eat Lettuce?

Hamster eating some curly leaf lettuce

Who does not love to offer occasional treats to their pets? After all, we all love our pets. It’s easy to offer a treat if you have cats and dogs as pets. However, with hamsters, treating them becomes a bit trickier as they are so much smaller and delicate. As the hamsters love munching on …

Can Hamsters Eat Lettuce? Learn »

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?

There are around 1.8k different cheese varieties worldwide; however, we will concentrate on the most common cheeses found in the supermarkets. There is hardly anyone who does not love the taste of cheese. However, it is the rodents who have become associated with cheese. Just turn on the television, and you will find animation movies …

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese? Learn »

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pears?

A guinea pig looking at a pear

Guinea pigs love food, and they’re always open to trying new things, but as a responsible guinea pig owner, we need to make the right choices for our small pets. Suppose you want them to live a long, happy life its always best to check first. So, let’s find out if guinea pigs eat pears. …

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pears? Learn »

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