Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Legs?

Cats they are lovely creatures, much more straightforward to look after than dogs. When I was growing up we had nine cats at once, and they pretty much slept everywhere, the more cats you have, the more hoovering you need to do, thats what I can remember the consent hoovering. Cats all have different behaviours, and I had my favourites. They all had a routine who to sit with, which bedroom they will take a nap in, some would use the radiator beds, clearly loving the radiators’ warmth. But do you ever wonder why they slept in certain places? Like your legs? Let’s find out why your cat sleeps on your legs.

Cats love to be near their human companions, a combination of warmth, love, smooths, protection and can even be for territorial reasons. These are why they sleep on you. Since they were kittens, cats have been cuddling together for these very same reasons.


Cats love the heat, and they will gravitate to many areas of your house, including you, like your legs to get the warmth. Cats also get warmth from sitting in front of a fireplace, radiator, electric blanket, radiator bed. Even on a hot summers day, cats will move into the direct sunlight. Cats will also move in front of the raze that comes through a window for the warmth. Cats they love the heat.

Love and comfort

Cats purr when being smoothed, which proves that they love to be touched, and when a cat is lying on your legs, it’s the companion touch that they are feeling, plus the love they have for you.

It is built into them from an early age.

Kittens cuddle together just like mine used to, all together like a big ball of fluff, the reason they like to lay on your legs is for that very same reason, they have been doing this since they were born.


When cats are asleep or anyone for that matter, there is a sense of vulnerability, and cats have this as well, so they may cuddle up to you due to feeling vulnerable. Cats know that they will get some protection with you.


Cats can be territorial some more than others, so if they choose to lay on your legs more than say someone else you live with this could be a possible sign of territorial actions, along with all the above reasons.

Cats also like to sleep on your:

  • Feet
  • Lap
  • By your head
  • Chest
  • Back

Is it normal for a cat to sleep on you?

It is very normal for a cat to sleep on you, they love the warmth and comfort from you. Cats also get protection and are claiming you as a good place to sit on. Even when cats were born as kittens they would do the very same, they will all huddle together and sleep on top or next to each other along with the mother cat.

Five kittens sleeping together
From an early age kittens sleep altogether

How to stop my cat sleeping on me?

Perhaps you have allergies, or you dont like the fur they leave behind, whatever the reason is, it’s entirely up to you. Suppose you don’t want your cat to sleep on your legs, lap, or feet. If you dont, I would suggest buying them a new bed and placing it in a warmer part of your house to try and encourage them to sleep in it. Every time you find your cat on you, pick them up and put them in their bed, your cat will eventually understand.


Not only do they sleep on your leg’s cats can also love to lay on your chest, feet, lap, by your head for all the very same reasons above. Cats love to be near there human companions, and they know that they can get smooths, warmth and pure love from you, so we can’t blame them. Enjoy your time with your cat and happy times chilling together. Another behaviour of a cat you may find of interest is. Why do cats roll around in the dirt? My article can be found here.

Happy cat parenting

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By Teresa Mine

Teresa has studied canine behaviour and canine nutrition. She loves sharing her knowledge and educating through her articles. She loves binge-watching animal documentaries. Teresa has some pets; she adores two dogs, two cats, and one hamster.