Why Does My Siamese Cat Meow So Much?

Among all the different cat breeds, Siamese cats are famous for their exciting personality. These cats are very energetic and exceptionally intelligent. They love playing around in the company of humans. It is what makes the Siamese cats one of the best pets that you can have. Many pet owners are concerned about the meowing and often question if the Siamese cats are too vocal.

Siamese cats are exceptionally vocal, and they love to be heard. Siamese cats love their human companions, and excessive meowing is their way to communicate with their human friends. 

Generally, cats can be quite aloof. But, Siamese cats are an exception to that. They pine for their human companions’ attention and love to interact with them more than any other feline breeds. Purebred Siamese cats emerged in Thailand and are related to the royal families of the region even today.

While it is hard to hold the cats to any specific standards, the Siamese cats come with a couple of breed-specific features. Vocalizing all the time is one of the features that make this breed different than the rest. There are plenty of reasons why these cats like to meow so much.

Siamese cat

Understanding the talk

The distinctive low pitched meowing is one of the unique features of the Siamese cats. Their meow is known as Meezer, which often sounds like crying, human babies. If you do not give attention to your Siamese cat right away, they will continue to meow persistently.

The meowing of these cats has become so famous, that these cats have been nicknamed Meezer based on the sound they make during the vocalization process.

The pattern of their vocalization generally depends on the atmosphere you create for them. Every type of vocalization of the Siamese cats carries some or the other purpose. To make sure that your cat does not cry as much, you have to understand the meaning of their call.

As these cats are smart, they speak a lot more compared to others. Over time, they learn to ask their owners things that they want. If you buy some toys for the cat, you will notice that they are talking to these toys.

As these cats are very energetic and social, the lack of activity and human interaction can make them bored. That can be one of the reasons why your cat has resorted to loud meowing. Consistent stimulation of different kinds can keep them engage and reduce the meowing a bit.

Why is my Siamese cat constantly meowing?

Siamese kitten in bed meowing
Siamese Kitten

If you feel that your Siamese cat is meowing more than they usually do, you need to understand their problem. Sometimes the reason for their insistent meowing is simple. For example, you were sleeping when you should have been serving breakfast to them. However, sometimes, finding the reason might not be so easy. Here are some of the reasons that could make your Siamese cat meow more frequently.

  • Your cat might be sick and experiencing some pain.
  • You have not given your Siamese cat enough food, and now, he is hungry and asking you for food.
  • It is a welcome song which your Siamese cat sings whenever you come back to your home.
  • Your cat is lonely and craves some company. It can happen if you have just one cat and if you are out of the house for an extended period.
  • Your cat may be in heat and wants to have a mate.
  • You have changed something in your home, and your cat is stressed about it. Sometimes, new pets or new family members can also be the reason behind their stress.
  • Your cat may be suffering from mental confusion or cognitive dysfunction as a result of their advanced age.
  • Siamese cats like to have their meal at the same time every day. Also, they need their water bowl full of fresh water all the time. So, you should check on these two factors whenever your Siamese cat vocalizes more than they usually do.
  • Keeping their litter tray clean is extremely important if you want your Siamese cat calm and composed.

Siamese cats need to communicate

The Siamese cats are high maintenance breeds that require a lot of attention and emotional involvement from you as their humans. While most people think that cats love to stay alone, that is not the case. Especially not when it comes to the needy Siamese.

This unique feature of the Siamese cats has been developed over the years. They are intelligent cats and can understand that they can communicate with their human companions by being talkative.

Siamese cats are quite dominating and will be the dominator in your household. Even though Siamese cats are friendly, pleasant, and accommodating, they will want to be the household’s dominant pet.

How to stop your Siamese cat meowing so much

Siamese cat playing with a toy on string
Provide Siamese cats with toys

If your cat is not suffering from any pain, then quieting him down can be just a matter of time. Check the following tricks and try them one by one to see which one helps your cat to stop meowing so much.

More attention

Cats are famous for not letting their owners pet them at their will. The Siamese cats are not like that. They will loudly vocalize if you do not give him the love and affection it deserves. It can be linked to their royal history, but you cannot ignore your Siamese cat if you want it to stop meowing.

Get a play mate

Siamese cats get bored and lonely very easily, and when they do, they vocalize to lower their stress level. You need to break the long hours of isolation if you want your Siamese cat to be happy and want it to quiet down. The best way is to bring in another pet. That does not mean you should stop spending time with your Siamese cat whenever you can. It just means that the second pet can act as a companion to your Siamese cat when you are away from the house.

Keep them entertained

As we have mentioned before, the Siamese cats can get bored. If you feel that your cat is meowing continuously because of this, try getting some cat toys or replacing the one your cats already has. Katnip is a great solution or even a scratching post.

Interact more

Even though Siamese cats are very friendly, they are still cats. That means it is in their nature to hold grudges against you. Especially if you do not play with them or give them enough time on that day, as your Siamese cat loves human interaction, talk to them as often as you can.


Siamese cats love to be heard, and they love to communicate with their owners, especially when they are not happy. Understanding why they are so vocal will help resolve the issue if your cat is continuously meowing.

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By Teresa Mine

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