Can Hamsters Eat Raisins? (Including Grapes)

Raisins are one of the most delicious and healthy treats that people enjoy. They are grapes that are dried under the sun for their sweet flavour. These sweet treats are favourites of many animals. However, for some animals, the raisins can be deadly. So, the question is, can the hamsters eat raisins? 

Raisins are safe for hamsters to consume, however, only in moderation. Hamsters that excessively feed on raisins risk health problems, such as diabetes or digestive issues. You must limit the number of raisins you provide a hamster. Depending on what type of hamster you have will determine how many raisins they can have and when.

Are raisins healthy for a hamster?

Raisins are one of the most nutritious and tasty treats around. They are suitable for the health of your hamsters as well. The trick is that you have to offer the raisins to them in moderation.

Raisins contain a high level of iron, which maintains the healthy heart of a hamster. The raisins are also suitable for maintaining healthy levels of potassium and blood pressure. In addition, the raisins are full of Vitamin C, which helps maintain the bone and skin health of the hamsters effectively. It also helps to keep the body cells of the hamsters in excellent condition. In addition, raisins also contain vitamins B1, B2, and B6, all good for their nervous systems, eyes, and skin.

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  • Iron, to maintain a healthy heart
  • Maintaining healthy levels of potassium and blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C, for bone and skin health
  • Vitamins B1, B2, and B6, good for the nervous systems, eyes, and skin. 

If you have Chinese or dwarf hamster, you should not treat them every day or even every other day, as these type of hamsters tend to develop diabetes. Once a week would be an excellent rule to follow for Chinese or dwarf hamsters. However, if you have a Syrian hamster, you can offer them two raisins in a week.

Raisin Amount

  • Chinese or dwarf hamsters – one raisin once a week
  • Syrian hamsters – Two raisins once a week

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes?

Can hamsters eat grapes?

Yes, hamsters can eat grapes but only in moderation. While a single grape does not pose any issues directly to their health, too many grapes are bad for your hamster’s health and can cause significant digestive problems. For some animals, like cats, dogs, and ferrets, grapes are highly toxic. However, that is not the case for a hamster.

Grape Amount

  • Chinese or dwarf hamsters: half a grape once a week
  • Syrian hamsters: one grape once a week


While raisins and grapes are beneficial for hamsters, they are only safe when offered in small quantities. There are some threats that your hamsters can face if they consume too many raisins. 

As the raisins are dry fruits, too much consumption of raisins can lead to acute renal failures. The problem can occur all of a sudden and cause serious issues. If served in large quantities, the raisins can stick inside a hamster’s mouth or within its belly. 

Excessive consumption of raisins can also lead to problems like diabetes among hamsters.

Other Treats

Hamsters enjoy their food, and they love to gather and store food when they can. Hamsters can thrive on a variety of diets. Vegetables and fruits are a good choice of treats to offer your hamster. Cheese and meat also provide your hamster with a good protein source.

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Safe and Unsafe Foods For A Hamster

We now know that occasionally treating your hamster with raisins will not harm them in any way. Instead, it will boost their potassium levels and take care of their heart health. However, the high sugar content in raisins can lead to significant health issues. You must not overfeed your hamster, and if in doubt, consult your vet.

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By Teresa Mine

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