What Attracts Snakes Into My House?

The warm weather of spring brings an end to the hibernation of snakes. During this time, the temperature remains at a perfect level for snakes to explore their surroundings. More often than not, you will find a snake or two living around your garden during spring and fall. The question is, what attracts these fascinating slithery creatures to your home?

Food and water are the primary factors that bring snakes into your home. Other than that, leaf piles, long grass, and cracks in your garden walls offer the snakes the perfect refuge and the chance to enter your home.

Six Reasons Why

#1 Food

You may not consider rodents as more than a nuisance, but they are one of the main reasons snakes enter your home. Most snake species use rodents as their primary food source. So if you have rodents living on your property or in your basement or attic, there is no doubt that these rodents will be attracting the snakes inside your house. 

Also, other food options like bird eggs, baby birds, lizards, frogs, and other smaller amphibians attract Snakes on your property.

#2 Leaf Piles

Do you think piles of leaves are ruining the look of your garden? Think again. They are doing much more than just making your garden look messy. The accumulation of leaves offers snakes the perfect hiding place from predators. If you keep the piles close to your actual house, like the doors or windows, they can quickly come inside your home without you noticing it.

#3 Landscaping Rocks

There is no doubt that landscaping rocks make your garden look fancy. However, they also offer snakes the perfect hiding place. If the landscaping rocks directly against your house, the chances of having a snake enter your home are very high. If you need to create a landscaping rock pile to boost the looks of your garden, make sure to build it away from your house. Also, be very cautious while reaching into those piles of rocks, as it is impossible to know what you can find inside the creaks. Even though most of the snakes won’t deliberately bite you, they will if they feel threatened.

#4 Dense Shrubbery

You may have thought that shrubbery around your home will give your home a serene look, but the dense vegetation also offers the snakes a perfect place for hunting and hiding. The tall grass and the unruly shrubs also attract the rodents, adding to the attracting factors of the snakes even more. The problem is, the snakes may not stay in your garden. The unmanaged roots of the plants can generate cracks in your foundation, allowing the snakes to slip inside of your home.

#5 Gaps in the Foundation

If you do not want an unexpected visit from a snake, you should fix the cracks in the foundation of your house. Checking on your windows’ caulking is another excellent way for you to stop the snakes from entering your place. It is also necessary to close all the cracks, crevices, and holes near the crawl space. The drainage areas are one of the common entry points that snakes often use to enter your home. Add some grill covers to your external drainage will stop any unwanted visits. 

#6 Bird Bath

You may have a desire to attract colourful birds to your property. However, you should know that it may draw the attention of less welcoming wildlife. Even though it seems unlikely, snakes need water to survive as well. If you have an easily accessible birdbath in the garden, the chances are it will attract snakes along with the birds.

We now know six reasons what attracts snakes into your home. Even though most snakes are not poisonous, no one wants these slithery reptiles in and around their homes. Now, the question is, how can you stop them from coming inside your home?  

Five Ways Keep Snakes Away From Your Home

Unless you are a snake enthusiast and love to create a terrarium inside of your home, then chances are you do not want snakes just entering by themselves. A pet snake is an entirely different ball game compared to the wild ones.

The truth is snakes also do not like humans. They do not want anything to do with us. They do not have any plan of invading your space as well. Still, snakes are curious, wild, and hungry creatures. They come inside of your property to either find shelter or to find food and water. While you may want to remove them from your property instantly, you can use non-lethal tactics to achieve that. There are several ways you can keep these animals away from your property.

#1 Feed Your Pets Inside

If you think that snakes want to eat your cat or dog food, then you are wrong. Snakes don’t want to eat cat or dog food, but the rodents do. If you keep feeding your pets outside of your home, rodents will come to nibble on the leftovers. As a result, the snakes will also be coming onto your property after these rodents. Feeding your pets inside will help you limit the food or the rodents as well. Snakes smell using their tongues by doing this; they know the exact direction in which to travel to follow the smell of the rodents,

#2 Get Rid of Debris

As we have noted earlier, lawn debris like piles of leaves attracts snakes, as it helps them stay hidden from predators. Not only that, but the leaf piles also attracts the rodents creating a constant food source for the snakes. So, if you want to get rid of these reptiles, you need to keep your head clean of all debris.

#3 Cut your grass

It may sound fundamental, but cutting your grass will significantly reduce the chances of a visit from a snake. Not only that, but a well-manicured yard will also help you to spot the slithering lizards easily. Your neighbours will appreciate your efforts as well.

#4 Think Twice About a Bird Bath or Bird House

There is hardly anyone who does not like to hear birds sing. But unfortunately, birds also attract snakes. There are some snake species, like the rat snakes, that are known for their climbing skills. They can easily climb on the tree limbs or fences to have dinner on bird eggs or baby birds.

#5 Limit Bird Feeding

Watching birds feed on the bird feeders is a joy. But the problem is, birds are messy. They tend to knock the food on the ground creating a feeding ground for the rodents. Regular rodent movements can attract the attention of the snakes as well. 

Four Ways to Get Rid Of Snakes That Have Already Taken Shelter at Your Home

Snakes roaming on the lawn is one thing, but snakes slithering inside of your house is a different ball game altogether. However, there are some tactics that you can use to discourage snakes from entering your home. These tactics can even make the snakes that have taken shelter in your property leave.

#1 Essential Oils

There are certain essential oils that the snakes do not like. Clove, Cinnamon, and eugenol oils are some of the essential oils that you can sprinkle around your home to keep snakes at bay and make them leave. Make sure you open your doors and windows if you know of the snake inside of your home. This way, they can exit the house with ease.

#2 DIY Repellent

You can create DIY snake repellent solutions using vinegar and ammonia. Leave some tubs out in certain rooms to flush out the snake from your home. Leave windows and doors open so you dont breathe it in and also so they can easily escape. 

#3 Non Lethal Traps

You can also use non-lethal traps around your home to catch the snakes humanely. Once the snake is trapped, you can call the rescue unit and hand it over to them.

#4 Repelling Plants

Some plants act as natural repellants of snakes. These plants include marigold, lemongrass, and garlic.

It is always better to use non-lethal tactics to repel snakes from your property. There are several repellents available in the market that contain harmful chemicals and poisons. However, these can pose a danger to the snakes, animals and children of your home. 

Please note that mothballs do not work on snakes. So, do not try to use them as a repellent. 

Understanding The Snake’s Temperament

In the early spring, snakes remain rather sluggish. The same thing happens during the fall when the snakes are about to go on hibernation. During this time, they will not be able to move out of your way fast if you approach them. So, it would be best if you remained a bit vigilant during this time while roaming in your garden. You should always watch where you are going, especially if you have leaf piles and rocks in your yard. Understanding the temperament of the snake will help you to manage them better. It will help you to spot the snakes and get rid of them effectively. If you think that snakes are lurking around your property, you could wear some protective rubber boots, just in case of any snake bites. 

Despite all your efforts, the snakes can still find a way to enter your home. If you find one inside your house, don’t fret. If you are not confident in getting them out by yourself, you should call animal control experts to help you. Do not approach the snakes if you are not sure whether it is venomous or not.

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