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Can A Snake Die From Eating Something Too Big?

a pet Corn Snake Eating A Mouse

Snakes are known for their quirky eating habits. Not only do they gobble up their prey whole, but sometimes snakes can even eat down astonishingly sized animals that are bigger than themselves. That raises a simple question, can a snake die from eating prey too big.  Yes, that can happen. Even though dying from swallowing …

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Do Snakes Poop? (Digestive + Droppings Guide)

Garter Snake on a rock

Learning about snakes is so fascinating. Even their toileting habits are unique. Let’sLearn! Yes, snakes poop just like any other living creature. However, different snake species have different toileting frequencies depending on their size, age, and eating habits. What does snake poop look like? Snake faeces are typically tube-like in shape with an irregular surface. …

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Do Snakes Have A Heart? (Cardiovascular System)

snake and a heart symbol

Yes, snakes have a three-chambered heart that is positioned within the ribcage. The heart is mobile and not attached to a diaphragm; this enables a snake to swallow its prey whole.  Cardiovascular System Systemic Venous Return Snakes have renal and hepatic portal circulations—the jugular vein located anterior to the heart near the trachea. The right …

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How Are Snakes Able To Swallow Large Prey?

Snake eating a lizard half in and half out

The jaw anatomy of a snake is genuinely fascinating and is entirely different to most animals and humans. The anatomy of the snake’s jaw allows them to swallow large prey. The side quadrate bones are loosely hinged that can pivot horizontally and vertically. In addition, the bottom jaw is attached by an elastic ligament, which …

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What Do Snakes Hate The Most Of?

Black Mamba in a tree

Snakes are a commonly misunderstood animal. They’re often seen as the enemy to house pets or people because they can be dangerous and frightening. In reality, snakes don’t want anything more than to live in peace and eat their prey, usually small rodents or insects. The only time a snake would attack you is if …

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Do Snakes Sleep? (Sleeping Habits)

snake asleep on a log, under a tree

It’s an intriguing question, and most people automatically assume they dont sleep and get confused by the non-existing eyelids of a snake. Yes, snakes sleep, just like any other living creature on this planet. Regardless of having no eyelids, it doesn’t stop a snake from sleeping. Sleep is an essential function that allows a snakes …

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Black Mamba Snake Details

Black Mamba

In the world of snakes, the Black Mamba has quite a big reputation. It is no doubt one of the deadliest snakes in the world. The black mamba is known to be the longest poisonous snake in Africa. It also wins the place of the second-longest venomous snakes in the world.  It is also one …

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Corn Snake Information

full body view of a Corn snake on a white background

The corn snake is one of the most colourful and docile snakes you can find in the United States. Its nature and appearance have made corn snakes one of the most popular reptiles. Not only that, a corn snake is considered one of the most popular choices in the pet industry.  Their availability, beauty, moderate …

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Which Country Has The Most Snakes Species? (Most Poisonous And Snakeless)

A snake and the Brazil flag in the shape of the country

For most people, a simple sight of a snake is enough to scare them to death. Unfortunately, most of the film industries across the world have taken advantage of this fear. Across the world, there are about 3570 snake species. However, among them, only 600 species are venomous. Even among the venomous snakes, only 300 …

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Are Snakes Amphibians?

Eastern brown snake, close up and tongue out on a stone path

The amphibians and reptiles share some common qualities. So, it is only natural to question which species belongs to which class of animals. For example, is a frog an amphibian or a reptile? How about a salamander or a snake? No, snakes are not amphibians. Just like crocodiles and lizards, snakes are one of the …

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