Can Hamsters Eat Cucumber? (Best Practises)

Hamsters are omnivorous and eat everything from fruit to insects. Fresh vegetables and fruits have many health benefits to hamster if served correctly and in the right amount. Let’s find out if hamsters can eat cucumbers?

Hamsters can eat cucumber in moderation without any harm to their health. Cucumbers are a perfect snack for a hamster since they are low in fat and offer many health benefits.

About Cucumbers

Cucumbers are delicious green vegetables that are grown all across the world. However, the delightful vegetable originated in South Asia. This tasty veggie is often used in salads, sandwich toppings, and flavourings. Many people also drink cucumber smoothies, and cucumbers are even used in our beauty creams. Cucumber is one of the most versatile snacks that you can have in your fridge. 

Cucumbers contain vitamin K, C, A, potassium, magnesium, silica, copper, and manganese. All of which are important for humans. But, just because this vegetable is good for humans does not mean they work in a similar way to your hamster. 

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Vitamin K, C, A, 
  • Potassium, 
  • Magnesium, 
  • Silica
  • Copper
  • Manganese

Is cucumber safe for a hamster?

Yes, cucumber is a safe vegetable for your pet hamster unless your hamster is allergic. Even though allergies to cucumber is infrequent, it can happen. So, keep an eye on your hamster after feeding it a slice of cucumber for the first time. If you do not notice any digestive issues or compulsive chewing behaviour, then cucumber is okay for your hamster. 

First Time Feeding

Start with a minimal amount of cucumber. Check if there are any behavioural and physical signs of distress. If you think anything is wrong, do not hesitate to make a call to your vet right away.

How You Should Serve Cucumber To A Hamster

As we have already explained, portion control plays a significant role in feeding a hamster cucumber. So, before handing out the treat, make sure you are serving your hamster with the right amount. Also, make sure the cucumber is appropriately washed. It will help you to avoid the traces of pesticides from the vegetable. Do not add sugar or salt to the cucumber before serving it to your hamster. Sugar and salt are harmful to hamsters and can cause significant health issues. Do not dip the cucumber stick in yoghurt or sauce before serving it to your hamster. 

  • Wash the cucumber
  • Correct portion size
  • Do not add any flavourings
  • Make sure the cucumber is fresh
a slice of cucumber and a half of cucumber, recommended amount
A size guide to feed a Syrian and Dwarf hamster cucumber

Benefits of Adding Cucumber to Your Hamster’s Diet 

Cucumbers are one of the best treats for hamsters suffering from the problems of obesity. The high water content of the cucumber makes them very low in calorie content. The water content also helps to keep your hamster hydrated even if it does not like to drink water. Cucumber is an excellent choice of food for baby hamsters as it helps to get fluids into them. 

Cucumber also helps the hamsters fight health problems, like constipation. The dietary fibre of the cucumber adds bulk to the stools of your furry pet, making it easier for them to have regular bowel movements. The combination of dietary fibre and water helps to regulate the digestion process of your hamster as well. It also reduces the other health issues significantly. 

How much cucumber is too much? 

Even though cucumber is good for the health of your hamsters, you should limit their intake. Too much of anything is harmful to them. Offer a slice of cucumber twice or thrice a week, depending on the size of your hamster. Even cucumbers can cause various health issues to your pet hamster if you do not control the portion size. 

As cucumber is packed with water, too much consumption can lead to diarrhoea. Also, cucumber skin can trigger diarrhoea if you do not wash it properly. 

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Cucumber? 

Cute Syrian hamster on blue cloth
Slice of cucumber for a Syrian hamster

As these hamsters are bigger, they can have a little bit more to eat than the dwarf hamsters. However, it is easy for pet owners to overfeed them. Do not think these hamsters are more resilient just because they are bigger. While feeding your hamster, maintaining moderation is the key, even with Syrian hamsters. Cut the cucumber into small pieces so that they do not face any difficulties in chewing them.

Syrian Hamsters Amount

  • A slice of cucumber twice a week

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Cucumber? 

A cute white Dwarf hamster on sawdust
Half a slice of cucumber for a Dwarf hamster

The size of the dwarf hamsters is about half that of the Syrian ones. So, you should feed them half the portion size of cucumber compared to the Syrian hamsters. That means offering them just half a slice of cucumber twice per week is enough. The dwarf hamsters are vulnerable to diabetes. That is why they require a strict balanced diet. Thanks to all the fibres, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, the cucumbers are considered one of the most healthy snacks for them.

Dwarf Hamsters Amount

  • Half a slice of cucumber twice a week


To stay healthy, all hamsters need a balanced and varied diet. Thanks to their high fibre and water content and low caloric intake, the cucumbers can act as one of the best additions. Most hamsters prefer the cucumbers instead of the dry pellets as they are more succulent and taste better than the dry pellets. So, keep in mind that you should not offer your pets too much cucumber, especially if they start to ignore their food pellets.  

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By Teresa Mine

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