Can Cats Eat Catnip?

Cute tabby cat sniffing dried catnip.

Being a responsible cat owner means that you need to do the very best for your cat, so let’s find out if you can feed your cat some catnip or if they eat it will it cause your cat any serious problems. It won’t hurt for cats to eat the catnip herb in small doses. …

Can Cats Eat Catnip? Learn »

Can Cats Eat Almonds? (Warning)

Grey sitting cat looking up at some almonds

Treating our cats with new foods can be somewhat exciting; however, some foods you must never feed your cat. Let’s find out if cats can eat almonds.  A cat should not eat almonds because not only are they a choking hazard, but they contain a toxin called cyanide and, in high doses, can be fatal …

Can Cats Eat Almonds? (Warning) Learn »

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